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      Product features

      l Double O-ring seal guarantees leak-free operation

      l Generate mixed-bed quality deionized water without the use of chemicals

      l Continuous production instead of batch, with consistent quality

      l No need for acid/caustic, neutralization system or exchangable DI tanks

      l Superior electrical isolation

      l 100 psi (7 bar), 113˚F (45˚C) continuous operation

      MORE>>Contact Us
      Sales: David Lu
      Cell phone: 008613901306395
      Telephone: 0086-10-56370681
      Fax: 0086-10-56370681
      E- mail: dawei_lv@iontechbj.com
      Website: www.keydatatechnologies.com
      Address: No. 16 Huankezhonglu Jinqiao industrial base Zhongguancun science park Tongzhou district Beijing PRC
      Postal code: 101102

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